Dr Loo (Principal Math tutor)

  • PhD in Management, Major Finance (Best Postgraduate Award Recipient)
  • Master in Applied Statistics (Distinction)
  • 8 years of teaching experience on math and statistics from secondary to postgraduate level
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The Math & Statistics Tutor in Singapore

Dr Loo (Ex-Uni Lecturer)

I am current a math & statistics specialist educator in Singapore with 8 years of teaching experience on maths at secondary and higher education level. I have previously held different position in teaching mathematics and statistics including the following

  • Assistant professor
  • Mathematics and statistics advisor
  • Part-time lecturer
  • Mathematics teacher
  • Mathematics private tutor

My education qualification

  • PhD in Finance (UTM, Best Postgraduate Award Recipient)
  • Master in Applied Statistics (UM, Distinction)
  • Passed Chartered Financial Analyst Level III exam

I have also received various educational training in tertiary setting including supervising postgraduate students.

Currently I am a full time math tutor & statistics tutor in Singapore. If you are looking for an O-level math tutor in Singapore or JC H2 Math tutor in Singapore, please feel free to get in touch with me should you are interested to engage me as your math tutor. Meanwhile, my statistics tutoring services in Singapore covers JC H2 statistics tutoring, Diploma Statistics Tutoring, University statistics tutoring, as well as postgraduate statistics research method tutoring etc.



Math Tutor Singapore


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Reason of taking math tuition class with me

  • A professional Singapore mathematics tutor with strong academic foundation on maths and diverse maths teaching experience.
  • You want to build a strong foundation and understanding in the mathematical concepts.
  • A math home tutor who can provide constructive feedback to students and parents.
  • Math tuition is conducted in a way to help student to learn mathematics in a proper and systematic manner so that they can grasp the maths concept firmly.

Math Tuition in Singapore

Founded in July 2020, Dr Loo’s Math Specialist Tuition Services in Singapore provide one-to-one and small group mathematics tuition in Singapore as well as statistics tuition in Singapore. This includes both O-level Math Tuition in Singapore and also JC H2 Math Tuition in Singapore. SMS/Whatsapp/Telegram: +65-85483705 (Dr Loo) to enquire about my math tuition services in Singapore.

Mathematics Home Tuition Singapore

Online Math Tuition Offer

Prefer to have online O-level math tuition or online JC H2 Math tuition? Currently I do provide offer on my online O-level math classes as well as online JC Math class. You may click on the following links to know more about my online math tuition services.

My mathematics teaching philosophy

My teaching approach on mathematics is to help student to understand the math concept which eventually equip them with the ability to solve math problems. With my qualification, achievement and teaching experience. I am confident to help my student to deal with various mathematics problems, and being a mentor that guide my student throughout the journey towards success. Thus, if anyone is interest to have mathematics tuition class with me please feel free to send in your detail to arrange for a discussion (SMS/Whatsapp/Telegram: +65-85483705).

My Singapore Math Tuition Service

JC Math Home Tuition Singapore

Math Tuition Singapore

My mathematics home tuition service covers most of the Singapore areas, and it is mainly for Singapore secondary math tuition and JC H2 math tuition. The maths classes are currently available on 1-to-1 basic. If you would like to attend a small group math tuition class, you may consider to join my online math tuition class.
Generally, my private math tuition class in Singapore comprises of:

Besides being a math tutor for secondary school, I do also conducted the other private maths and statistics tuition class in Singapore for foundation to postgraduate students. These classes are subjected to availability:

  • Foundation Mathematics Tuition (Singapore)
  • Foundation Statistics Tuition (Singapore)
  • Diploma Mathematics Tuition (Singapore)
  • Diploma Statistics Tuition (Singapore)
  • Undergraduate Statistics Tuition (Singapore)
  • Postgraduate Statistics and SPSS Statistics Tuition (Singapore)
Online Math Tuition Singapore

Online Math Tuition Class

The math online tuition class is available too. The online math tuition is conducted on either 1-to-1 basis or small group basis (3-6 students). My online maths tuition class in Singapore is opened to those who would like to take online O-level Maths Tuition class or online A-level Maths Tuition class:

In addition, online maths and statistics classes for foundation to postgraduate students are also available!

The features of my Singapore math tuition classes

Class size

For grouped mathematics tuition, the range is between 3-6 people. I will try to keep the size of my math class to be small in order to ensure each student receives my attention.


Class Duration

2 hours per class. One class per week.

Target students

O-level Maths Tuition – Open to all secondary school students taking Singapore O-level Mathematics (E-Maths and A Maths)
JC Maths Tuition – Open to all junior college students taking Singapore A-level Mathematics (H1 Maths and H2 Mths)

Tuition Fees

My charge for small group online math tuition class are as per follow:

O-level Maths Tuition (E-Maths and A-Maths) – Please contact me

JC Maths Tuition (H1/H2) – Please contact me

For one-to-one math tutoring and also other types of tuition class. Please contact me for the fees enquiry.

Promotion for Online O-level Maths tuition and Online JC Maths Tuition are available!


Mathematics Home Tuition – At student’s place.

Online Math Tuition – Online through zoom or microsoft team.

Tutor’s Contact Information

If you are interested to have maths tuition with me, feel free to send in your query (name, subject, area in Singapore) through to arrange for a phone discussion. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.

SMS/Whatsapp/Telegram: +65-85483705 (Dr Loo)

Mathematics Home Tuition Singapore

Private Math Tuition vs Small Group Tuition

Sometimes it could be difficult to choose whether to take a private math tuition class or join a group tuition. I would like to offer some of my advice regarding the selection.

  1. Private Math Tuition – Given that a tutor only has one student to teach in a private math tuition class, the tutor would be able to give the full focus to the student. In addition, the structure of a class and how a lesson is being delivery will be customized according to the pace of the student.
  2. Small Group Tuition – Generally joining a group tuition class can save you some tuition cost as the fee for group tuition is normally lower than a private math tuition. However, the degree of customization and focus a tutor can give to a student is relatively lesser than private home tuition with more learners in a single class.
Private Math Tuition Singapore

About the Singapore math tutor

Dr Loo (Ex-Uni Lecturer) – PhD in Finance, Master of Applied Statistics (Distinction)

I have years of lecturing experience in college and university and also being a private tutor. In addition, I have published number of articles in international peer reviewed journal for on mathematics article, finance article and economic article.

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